Are we there yet?

There is absolutely NOTHING to write about, other than the fact that we are doing 9hrs @ 500+ miles per day right now.  The pictures below are all we see.  One was taken in the morning and one was taken in the afternoon (like the bugs?).  Yes, it’s beautiful.  I get it.  But this is all we’ve seen for the past 3 days and we have 2 more to go before we hit Glacier National Park.  Let me guess, they have trees too?

We amuse ourselves with pictures of the dogs, playing trivia and visiting obscure Walmart’s in towns we can’t pronounce.  The interweb teases us all day with reception and there are no radio stations for hundreds of miles.  This is boredom to the 10th degree.

Oh, and the next moose, bear or deer I see, will be the first.  Every 2km they advertise “Beware of Moose”, or “Night Danger” with the moose picture.  I’m beginning to think that Canada is full of shit.  They just advertise this to get us dumb American’s up here to leave some greenbacks.  I’m on to you Canada….