Gonna need a bigger boat

Because running out of roads is not an excuse.

Because driving thousands and thousands of miles, just isn’t doing it for me any longer.

Because it’s there and I’m here.

Because, Y Not?

Hey, I’ve got an idea.  Lets put the bus, on a boat.  Sounds a like a solid plan to me.  Famous last words as we sail off for Prince Edward Island.

Yes this entire excursion was concocted over a couple of liberally poured libations and a telling conversation with our campsite neighbors last night.  The shrill screech of the 6am alarm, brought a face-slapping reality to the whole plan.  If we were going to make the 9:30 ferry, we needed to be wheels-up by 7am.  One quick hit of the snooze button, two cups of coffee, four bags of dog poop and we were 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  Let’s do this!

We made such great time getting to the ferry landing, that we actually had a shot of making the 8am boat, as we watched it push away from the dock.  No worries, we’ve got an RV, a generator, a bag full of K-Cups and the interweb.  While everyone else waits the next 1.5 hours in their cars, I’ll write this post, play a game with Laura, walk the dogs and otherwise prepare ourselves for a fun-filled day on PEI.  Which by the way, looks lovely.  The plan is to pull into the KOA campground around noon and chillax for a while.  We’ll feed the dogs early, then Laura and I will catch an Uber into Charlottetown for a stroll, some shopping and a kick ass dinner.  Maybe even a drink or two, we’ll see.

I promise, we are turing West soon.