I need a drink

There’s an old(er) movie with Steve Martin called My Blue Heaven. ¬†And there’s this line that has stuck with me since I first saw it, almost 30 years ago. ¬†Holy crap, it’s been almost thirty years already. ¬†(Sorry, I just had a “moment”). ¬†I don’t know why but it just resonates with me. ¬†It’s very Daoist. ¬†He says, “Into every life, a little rain must fall. ¬†Even in San Diego.”

I’m very keen to the fact that I shit sunshine. ¬†Or at least I try to. ¬†I’m an imperfect person, but I always try to find the beauty in everything, regardless of the outcome. ¬†But every now and again, I need that rain to slap me in the face and say “hey asshole, find the beauty in this.” ¬†Today was one of those days.

So with the older dogs onboard, they have to sleep in the front of the RV, where the tile floor is easy to clean-up, if you know what I mean.  Rudy, Laura and I alternate nights sleeping up front with them.  Every 3rd night, is my turn.  Last night, was my turn.

Stardate 96314.04   My nose, knows.  Even Laura is amazed at how I can sleep through an earthquake, but wake to a fart.  I can literally go from REM stage 4 sleep to wide awake, in 2 seconds, if I even think I smell dog crap.  Yes, Scratchy took a crap in her bed, at 2am.  And let me tell you, old lab poop smells like death.

Stardate 96314.21    WTF is that smell, again?  Wait!  The aroma is just a little different.  Still deathly but with a hint of coconut.  LIBBY!

Stardate 96314.35    Libby, you need to go out again?  Thank you for waking me this time.

Stardate 96314.43 ¬† ¬†The hell with it, they’re both up again? ¬†I’m never getting any sleep tonight. ¬†Let’s check some emails….

Final Score:  3 dog poops (2 inside):  1 unusable blanket (mine), 1 smeared bed sheet (mine), 5 hrs of random sleep (mine), 2 K-Cups of French Roast and 6 emails.

Just like Billy Mayes always said, “But wait, there’s more.”

So after a lovely breakfast, that included a giant Bloody Mary, Laura and I proceeded to take a drive and explore the area.  About 5 miles out of town, on the 14W headed into Yellowstone, the Cruiser started to loose power.  A moment later, engine died.  On the side of the Shoshone River, at a scenic turnout, we hit a new low.

Now, I’m a mechanically inclined guy. ¬†I can figure out most devices, given enough time and without much pressure. ¬†But when emotions take over, they cloud the mind. ¬†I’ve known this. ¬†And thankfully, my ninjas skills kicked in and reminding me of this. ¬†After 5 minutes of staring at the engine and wondering if this trip was cursed, I took a deep breath, a step back and tried to objectively evaluate the situation.

Bonnie Tyler, thank you. ¬†Willie Nelson, thank you. ¬†Dalai Lama, thank you. ¬†Just then, a local hunting guide named Matt Dowd, pulled-up and offered a hand. ¬†Now I know I made a cowboy reference in my last post, and I hope you found it funny. ¬†But today, this actually happened. ¬†The universe has a very funny sense of humor, if you’re given the opportunity to see it. ¬†This cowboy gentleman had the clarity in his mind and metric sockets in his tools box, to recognize that I just overheated, as he pulled the engine thermostat, to see that it had malfunctioned.

He was in his mid-50’s, had an ashtray full of dead butts, two cans of generic Skoal on his dash, a 24-pack cube of Busch beer (unopened), 4 hunting rifles, a 30y/o Craftsman tool box (thankfully), a 12-day beard, Stetson straw hat and a Cool Hand Luke sense of confidence. ¬†Yup, I’ve got a man crush.

Eventually, we made our way back down the hill into town, where we found an auto parts store and ordered the new t-stat.  He followed us the whole way.  Even gave us a ride back to the RV, after we left the cruiser in the lot for the night.  I knew he would never accept a dime for his help, but I had something even better.  Brand new and unopened, this man deserved my finest bottle of Rye Whiskey.

Cheers to you Mr. Dowd. ¬†ūü•Éūü•É¬†¬†May you forever find green pastures and great hunting. ¬†Thank you for your help and kindness, wherever you may roam.

Now here I am, celebrating a really unique day. ¬†One that won’t soon be forgotten. ¬†One that reminded me of lessons forgot and kindness to be given. ¬†Cheers to y’all too. ¬†Pay it forward.

(Yes, I’m drunk typing ūüćĽūüėā)


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