I’m Going to Graceland

The ceilings were covered in green shag carpet, the staircase walls were mirrored, macrame was woven around hanging plants and avocado colored appliances stood tall in the kitchen…the year was 2017.

If you know me at all, you know that I am a sucker for nostalgia and that I LOVE Elvis! Whether it’s “jailhouse rock Elvis” or “jumpsuit Elvis” I am all in, so when I found out a month ago that we would be stopping at Graceland, my heart began to flutter and the tune of Paul Simon’s “Graceland” played instantly.

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to his estate, so when I arrived and saw that it was a time capsule of all things seventies, I couldn’t be happier. While we walked around the home we were guided by the voice of John Stamos (yeah, you read that right) through our audio tour which was detailed and thorough of all the rooms we viewed, the audio tour also included recordings of Priscilla and Lisa Marie sharing personal stories of the home which was a sweet addition since it was their home too. My mouth was open the entire time because I was in awe of how perfect I thought the house was. I could not imagine a better home for myself, so I plan on moving in as soon as my restraining order has been lifted.

Graceland was such a treasure to Elvis and it was truly special to be able to walk through those walls and soak in his spirit. After viewing the estate we walked through the extensive exhibition which showcased all his toys (cars, airplanes, motorcycles and golf carts) as well as his personal items and his infamous collection of jumpsuits. I left four hours later with a milkshake in my belly, a large bag of souvenirs in my hand and a deeper love for the King of Rock n’ Roll.

XOXO    Madison