Out of the frying pan,

2 days.  We are officially two days ahead of schedule now.  Not that we ever had a schedule, but we wanted to be home by the 13th because we’d been invited to a very important cocktail reception at Mr. A’s on the 14th 😃🍸.  Those long, last days of boredom helped push us through Canada.  We even skipped Calgary, just to get out of Dodge (sorry Calgary, but we promise to come back for your Stampede weekend in the next few years).  Only to arrive in Montana, to be welcomed by wildfires.  Everywhere.  We know this haze and smell in the air, all too well.  Tonight we raise a glass to the rain Gods and ask for a little help.

The last day, through Alberta, brought us new things to look at.  The World’s largest Tee-Pee, Al Capone’s Canadian hideout, a really big Potato Head thingy,  and some really beautiful farm land.  But those last couple of miles to the border, were the best views we’d seen all week.

What did we have to declare (besides a windshield full of bugs)?  A few bottles of wine, some Canadian Rum (right?), 10 lbs. of PEI potatoes (the BEST EVER!),  a fridge full of groceries, a cooler full of Canadian IPA’s and a bunch of misc souvenirs.  All things considered, the Country was beautiful, the people were VERY friendly, the prices for everything were on -par and the experience was well worth the effort.  Despite my boredom quips.

Glacier National Park was, from what we could see, gorgeous.  The fires have left a thick stain on the view and a light sting in your throat.  The park is much smaller than I had anticipated and while the drive was scenic, we were prohibited from driving on the one road everybody should drive on.  The Going To The Sun Road.  Not just because it was closed due to the fires, but the RV was too big to drive on it anyway.  Note to self; come back and rent a car.

We’re down in Coeur d’Alene now but all the air is out of our balloon.  The smoke and air quality is really bad and we’re questioning our plans to stay for 3 days.  I’ve really been looking forward to coming here.  I’ve seen and read so much about CdL, that I always thought that this might be “The Place” for us to retire to.  Unfortunately, we really can’t see much (literally), and spending too much time outside, is just uncomfortable.  Fingers crossed, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.