Wheels Up!

Good Morning Campers.  As the sun shines brightly upon us; we are fortunate enough to report that the RV has been fixed and we are on our way.  Yesterday was touch and go, but UPS delivered the parts early enough and the service center was able to get us up and running by 5pm.  A late night load-in helped us hit the road at 10:30 p.m. and were were able to put a couple hours behind us to get out of the cities.  We have got five hours of high desert scenery on tap today before landing in Flagstaff, AZ.  Looking forward to dinner at our favorite (and the world’s greatest) Pizzicletta followed by a cold one at Beaver Street Brewery.

I need a drink!

By no means am I comparing this with bi-polar disease, but the manic swings of emotions right now are off the chart.

We are scheduled to leave in the RV, tomorrow morning, with our first night on the Colorado River at Blyth.  Up until an hour ago, I was checking for flights to North Carolina, because we didn’t know if the RV would be fixed before the 1st of Aug.  How can you plan a 6 week trip, when you don’t even know if you can do it?

After several days now, of not knowing when the fan clutch assembly would (or could) be shipped, we took matters into our own hands and located the parts we needed, in AZ.

SIDE-NOTE: why can’t people do what they are paid to do?  How is it that the customer (me, in this case), can make 2 phone calls and get what I need, when the Customer Service Rep, can’t get the job done in 5 days?

So with a little help from FedEx, we might……… (dare I say)…….. be able to get the RV fixed and back to us by tomm……….., nope, I’m not gonna jinx it 😉

T-Minus 3 days (maybe…)

Hello Mr. Sunday, how are you?  Us?  Oh, we’re stressing. The RV is not out of the shop and the fan clutch that was on order, is still on order.  We’re hoping to find out Monday, if it is arriving Monday and will be installed Monday.  Because we still plan on leaving Wednesday.

Work is crazy busy, but we’ve been doing a pretty good job preparing and planning for “working from the road”.  After all, we’ve been essentially working from the road for the past 10 years.  Just never a trip of this magnitude.

“Trailer Park Truck Stops, Faded Little Map Dots. New York to LA” Kenny Chesney

Let’s get this party started.  It’s only been since forever that Laura and I fell in love with road trips and travel.  So we might as well bore you with all the silly details.

While we’re only a few days away from an epic 6+ week trip, it’s starting off with a bang.  The RV is in the shop for what could have been a major mechanical failure.  Instead it’s just a warranty claim away from success.  A new fan clutch oughta do the trick.  Maybe a drive belt too, seeings how the old one is wearing funny (does this mean the bearings might have been compromised too?).  Only time will tell.  With a little luck, we’ll find out in the middle of New Mexico, about 1pm, with the temp outside at a comfortable 120˚.  No worries, we’ve got booze, time and insurance.    Plenty to go around.

But hey, we’re 5 days away from wheels up and our Service Advisor is confident he can get it all done.  So let’s see how it all plays out in the next few days…