RIP Bandit

Ain’t that some shit?  Burt Reynolds was a man’s man, a ladie’s heart-throb and a true mustache ambassador.  His talent, charm and smile will be missed by all.  Cheers to you Bandit 🍻

Well we made it into Breckenridge, but not without some sad news.  The CRUI5ER took a big hit.  You see, the drive up the 70, from Grand Junction to Breck, is not to be missed.  You don’t sit in the car and read a book, look at a map, play games on your phone or take a nap.  You stare outside the window and marvel at the beauty before you.  It’s only 3 hrs (going at RV speed), but it goes by in minutes.  Rudy asked to take the Landcruiser and drive it, instead of us towing it.  To be honest, I was so jealous.  What a perfect truck for the drive.

Well, by absolutely no fault of his, we had a major malfunction.  It wasn’t until we pulled into our RV site, did we notice oil EVERYWHERE, from under the Cruiser.  As it turns out, the oil pressure going over that 10,662 mountain pass, was just too much for that 47 year old rear main seal.  Thar she blows!  The best news it that (so far), no damage was done to the engine.  It turns over and runs.  But there is little-to-no oil left in it.

I’m currently working on getting replacement parts shipped overnight to the Foss Toyota in Casper, WY, where we’ll kick around for a couple days to see if everything gets taken care or.  We’re optimistic that things will work out OK.

So about Breck.  Gorgeous.  The Historic District, which basically is all of downtown, is a shoppers heaven.  Boutique stores, alpine gear, cheese mongers, craft distilleries, french bakery and plenty of restaurants to fill your belly.  You could spend a very long day, just lingering through it all.  It’s a very dog friendly town and for the most part, people friendly too.  We’ve seen the occasional “I’m a local and you’re a tourist” attitude, but you get that anywhere.  Water off a ducks back.

Working from the road is what it is.  We’ve got all of the technology we need to keep the biz operating, but it’s nothing compared to having the right people back home, who are actually running things.  Those guys are the absolute best.

So, the whole “four dog” thing.  Under normal circumstance, it’s not an issue or consideration.  Having two dogs at 16 years old, just means a change in our daily routines.  No big deal.  Dogs are wonderful and they follow the lead of their owners.  If you are neurotic and uptight, they will be.  If you are mean and abusive, they will be, if you are fun and easy going, they will be.  Regardless of the age of our fur babies, all they want to do is chill and be by your side.  If loving up on you is a “bad habit”, then I don’t want them to be right.  

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