To Boldly Go

Well, it officially took 1900 miles to finally travel further (in the RV) then ever before.  We crossed the Mississippi today and with that came a brand new adventure.

We left OKC at about 8am and just kept truckin.  It was really interesting to see the scenery change so quickly.  From Amarillo to OKC, it was flat brush and brown to flat brush and green(ish) yellow.  Today it went to rolling hills of green and tress everywhere.  Lots of water too.  Neither of us had ever been to Oklahoma or Arkansas before.  Gotta say, it’s not all hillbillies and banjos.  (Although there might have been one at that rest-stop…)  But they’re really pretty states, at least from what we can see on the I-40.

Maddie WAS supposed to fly in tonight to hook up with us for the rest of the way to OBX, but her flight has been delayed and she won’t get in here until 3am.  Thank goodness for the free Delta Lounge access thru Amex.  Now she can get completely wasted before her flight, FOR FREE!

Maddie, if you’re reading this, use your Uber, don’t wake us, and don’t puke in the RV.  Happy trails sweetheart.