“Trailer Park Truck Stops, Faded Little Map Dots. New York to LA” Kenny Chesney

Let’s get this party started.  It’s only been since forever that Laura and I fell in love with road trips and travel.  So we might as well bore you with all the silly details.

While we’re only a few days away from an epic 6+ week trip, it’s starting off with a bang.  The RV is in the shop for what could have been a major mechanical failure.  Instead it’s just a warranty claim away from success.  A new fan clutch oughta do the trick.  Maybe a drive belt too, seeings how the old one is wearing funny (does this mean the bearings might have been compromised too?).  Only time will tell.  With a little luck, we’ll find out in the middle of New Mexico, about 1pm, with the temp outside at a comfortable 120˚.  No worries, we’ve got booze, time and insurance.    Plenty to go around.

But hey, we’re 5 days away from wheels up and our Service Advisor is confident he can get it all done.  So let’s see how it all plays out in the next few days…



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