Wax on, wax off

Okinawa.  Home of Mr. Miyagi, Anthony Bourdain’s favorite egg salad sandwich and of course, Rudy Geist.  Even Meatloaf would agree, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad (R.I.P. Pat Morita).

Rudy’s work hours are a little difficult right now.  He has to work from 5am to 5pm, 4 days a week.  Since we arrived on Wednesday, we’ve only been able to spend a couple of hours with him.  But he just got off work for the weekend and is here in the hotel room with us for the next couple days.  So excuse me for the lack of Rudy in the pix below.  We’ll try to capture the Yeti on film this weekend, for your viewing pleasure.

Until then, the girls and I have been eating and shopping our way through town (no surprise there).  The town doesn’t have a lot of items we need or have never-seen-before or must-haves.  So it’s just a lot of random walking around, trying to get-in our 10,000 steps.  But they do have their own version of Home Depot, so we decided to get Rudy and his room organized.  (Yes he still lives like a teenager).  You’d be surprised what $100 worth of storage solutions and Febreze looks like.  It’s more than could fit in his car, almost.

Tomorrow, we’ll see Maddie off, as she’s headed back to NYC.  The fashion world is calling and her 200+ emails can’t wait any longer.  She’s got a lot of prep work to do before heading to Paris for Fashion Week.  We’re tremendously proud of both her and Rudy.  Having found careers at their age, is all we could ever ask for.  That and good health.  Life isn’t perfect, nor should it be.  But having two kids on the right path is close enough for us.

Oh, I found some Stone DIPA to drink while I write this 🤪.  Lucky me.

And my favorite Miyagism:

“Either you karate do “yes” or karate do “no.” You karate do “guess so,” (get squished) just like grape.” – Mr. Miyagi 
Quote significance: If you ‘re going to do it, do it to the fullest or don’t do it at all. Put full effort on everything you do.