I need a drink!

By no means am I comparing this with bi-polar disease, but the manic swings of emotions right now are off the chart.

We are scheduled to leave in the RV, tomorrow morning, with our first night on the Colorado River at Blyth.  Up until an hour ago, I was checking for flights to North Carolina, because we didn’t know if the RV would be fixed before the 1st of Aug.  How can you plan a 6 week trip, when you don’t even know if you can do it?

After several days now, of not knowing when the fan clutch assembly would (or could) be shipped, we took matters into our own hands and located the parts we needed, in AZ.

SIDE-NOTE: why can’t people do what they are paid to do?  How is it that the customer (me, in this case), can make 2 phone calls and get what I need, when the Customer Service Rep, can’t get the job done in 5 days?

So with a little help from FedEx, we might……… (dare I say)…….. be able to get the RV fixed and back to us by tomm……….., nope, I’m not gonna jinx it 😉