Just Breathe

Good mental health really is a thing. And it’s tough. I’m not saying it’s “Here’s Johnny” time, but it is something that needs to be actively worked on. We’re three weeks into this tiny-house living situation, and I catch myself getting short with Laura, the dogs, my employees and my customers. Now granted, sometimes the people who represent the customers, are not too bright. (Well maybe, most of the time.) But keeping your cool, staying centered and remembering to just breathe, takes a lot of practice. A LOT!

Everyday we’re bombarded with agro situations. Learning to compartmentalize those issues is an art. I’m still a fireman when it comes to reactions. I see an issue, I want to address it, immediately. It’s just my nature. But in doing so, I typically step on toes… Who am I kidding, I bulldoze because it gets the job done. But I recognize it and I (try to) work to be better at not doing it.

An old trick I picked-up years ago, was to write that damning email, then sleep on it. It allows you to vent your frustrations, get things off your chest, call people names and remind them of how stupid their thoughts and actions are. Then the next morning, you’ll wake up with a clear head and and even temperament. Most of the time, I’ll radically amend that email or maybe not send it at all. And on some rare occasions, I might even pick up the phone and make a call 🙀. Yeah, you know me. I’m not much of a phone caller.

But in the end, do yourself a favor and just breathe. Take a walk. Step away from the computer, your spouse, YOURSELF. Just do something other than what you need to be doing. Clear the head and you’ll be a better person for it.

Oh, about the house. Yes, it’s progressing 😂. Actually, we got some good news this week. The floor joists were delivered and the truss package should arrive by the 27th. Which means we’ll really start to see some progress. We’ve pretty much sourced, bought and subcontracted all of the items we’ve committed to. The rest is up to the GC. There are a few lead time issues, but in the end, they’re out of our control. So I’ll just take my own advice and let it go.

We spent last weekend in Driggs, ID with Len, Brenda and the kids. It was great to see them and we really had a nice weekend. We needed it. Not that the RV life isn’t beautiful, but a little change in scenery and someone different to talk to, is always a nice thing. They bought a beautiful little (3,400’sf) vacation home and we’re hoping they don’t mind more visits from us.

Off for my walk now. Peace ✌️

(yes, she is eating ice cream for dinner)