The Devil’s in the details

South Elevation. Roofing almost done.
North Elevation at RV Dock.
Rear Deck Soffit
Front Eave Soffit
Roof Vent at South Soffit. Two Step Fascia (will be flashed with matching sheet metal).
Garage Doors not due til late January 😡
Plastic wrap til then…
Garage Door Framing
Loving the natural condition of the Reclaimed Corral Wood
Textured Black Wainscot
The window trim absolutely kills it 👍.
The quality of work is fantastic.
More power, is POWER!
Of course, can’t forget the HVAC 🤦🏻‍♂️.
Hoback River Tributary
So far, Sept/Oct has not disappointed. Just stunning.
Yeah, they like it too 🐾.

Last Man Standing

It’s official. Today we became the last “full-timer” at the RV park. And we still have 2 weeks left in our stay. It’s bittersweet. We’re both sad and happy about it.

The sad, is that we’ve met dozens of wonderful people, both short term and long term travelers. Most of which we’ll never see again. But our short time together, in this wonderful mountain town, will never be forgotten. But some of those folks are locals here and we take solace, knowing that we’ll be back in a few months, and get to see them again. There are also a few who spend winters down in So Cal and AZ, so we’ve promised each other to find time for dinner and drinks, in the coming months.

What makes our souls happy, is this town and our decision to build near here. It’s such a life changing experience, to uproot yourself. It takes a serious leap of faith, but given enough confidence in yourself, it always works out. There’s a life lesson in that, somewhere.

I wish I could better describe the views we stare at everyday, the wildlife we encounter and the people we’ve met. I guess that, not being able to describe it, should tell you how deeply we love it.

I’m going to close this now with a mental picture for you. The last RV Park bonfire is tonight. There are only 12 camper left here and we only expect a handful of faithfuls to show up. It’s gonna get down in the 20’s tonight. It’s crystal clear. The sky is only lit with stars and all is right in world, for this brief moment.

Love to all. I will write again soon.