Just a quickie

Talk about a nice Sunday. It feels like a second Father’s Day (almost). Let me lay it out for you:

  • Wake up late, sans interruption
  • Hot coffee, farm fresh rainbow eggs and a bloody mary
  • The Open on TV, (first)
  • Le Tour de France, (on deck)
  • Padres double header, (in the hole)
  • Bison Bolognese with our garden tomatoes and herbs, stewing ALL DAY
  • And I might just finish it off with a little afternoon golf & cigar and some fine whiskey

All of this, from the comfort of an RV. Whoda thunk it?

The build is coming along nicely. The trusses are about 90% hung and the barn is really starting to take shape. Laura I made a visit yesterday and while we super happy to see all the progress, we just can’t get over the “perceived” size of the upstairs. On paper, it’s about 1450’sq/ft. Which is a really nice size, for just two people. Two bedrooms with walk-in closets, one full bath upstairs, storage closet, kitchen/dining/fam room (open concept layout). You know, just cozy and comfy. But in reality, it feels like 450′ sq/ft. Seriously. I know we have to trust the process, but man, it feels like the patio in my back yard.

Sending our love, to anyone reading this. We hope your Sunday is just as pleasant. I’ll try to write-up another update this week. Work is starting to ease-up, so I might have a little “me-time” this week to explore my thoughts a bit more. Au revoir.