One for the road

54 nights and almost 11,000 miles later, it has all come down to this.  It’s only fitting that our last night on the road is here, at my favorite place, Mammoth, CA.

Where did we leave off?  Oh, those hamburgers.  Those little devils that still haunt me.  Beckon to me in my dreams and fill my mind with dirty thoughts of over-indulgence.  Sorry, I have issues.  So we left CdA and spent three nights on the road to Minden, NV to see Ron, Leslie, Carson and Hanna.  We had some easy driving days with some really beautiful views.  Mostly because we finally got away from the smoke and haze and could actually see what we were doing.  The skies cleared and we traveled some new miles on my favorite highway, The 395.

We set ourselves up for a quick 2.5 hr drive on Saturday so we could spend the day watching Hanna and Carson’s soccer games.  Both of which they lost unfortunately, but we really enjoyed the family-time nonetheless.  In between games, Ron and Les took us to the oldest town in Nevada, Genoa.  Where we proceeded to have a fantastic lunch and a round of drinks at the oldest bar in Nevada, The Genoa Bar, established in 1853.  Luckily, the beer wasn’t that old.

A great dinner back at their house, 3 bottles of wine, 6 filthy dogs and an RV in their driveway capped off a perfect day.  Today was another quick drive down to Mammoth where we quickly set-up camp for some football games and the last three episodes of GOT, Season 1.  BTW, never saw that coming (episode 9, you know, if you know 😉)

Tomorrow will be our standard, 4 times a year, 6 hour-drive home from Mammoth.  I could do it blindfolded.  We’ll stop at Schat’s Bakery for my favorite veggie sandwich, Laura will grab a turkey pot pie (and a couple for the freezer) and we’ll start down the most beautiful 100 miles of highway in all of North America.  And believe me, nobody is more qualified than me, to make that statement.

Not sure what we’ll do with ourselves after this, having full shower water pressure, a yard to run around in and someone other than ourselves to talk to.  It will all be so foreign.  Give me a couple of days to tally-up all the important stats and post them on one last blog before we take a short recess.

Thank you for tuning-in.  Whomever you are.  It’s been fun.

Greetings From California, the Golden State