Too Much Good Stuff

The day started early with the typical dog(s) walk, breakfast and lots of coffee.  Laura had put a special plan together for a day of playing hooky.  (Although I did cheat and take a couple of work calls).  We needed to head out early for Provincetown since it was over an hour drive and Carnival just ended.  We had no idea what traffic was going to be like.  So load in the dogs and let’s get going.

Laura had been here before, but in all the years I lived in Boston, I’d never gone.  I’d like to also shamefully admit here, that I’d never been to a Sox game at Fenway either.  I’m embarrassed, but I did get to see the Celtics play, at the Garden, before they tore it down.  So I got that going for me.  P-Town, here I come.

We rented a little Nissan Versa for the next few days, which worked really well for carting the canines.  Plenty of room, although they always seem to lay right on top of each other.  We could have rented a moped and they would have fit.  Then of course they bark at each other the whole time, about “get off of me” and “she’s touching me” kinda stuff.  Damn kids.

Oh yeah, P-Town.  So the week-long Carnival Festival had just ended the night before and the town was still recovering from it’s hangover.  There were thousands of people out strolling, tourist shopping and a Drag Queen charity brunch down the street.  So there were plenty of beautiful ladies strutting down Commercial St.  It was really fun to see and I can only imagine what a party it must have been, the night before.

The dogs got a ton of attention.  Commercial St. was just a giant sidewalk, with the occasional truck passing by.  Everybody wanted to pet the pups and chat about their dogs.  Have you ever noticed how dogs can bring out the conversation in people?  I’m guilty.  We grabbed a couple cocktails and some chowder, took a few pix and strolled for a couple hours.  This is a town I can come back to, (without the kids next time).  We’d love to ferry in from Logan, rent some bikes and stay for a long weekend.  This is a very cool town with a great vibe.

On our way back, Laura had scouted this place called Moby Dick’s Seafood and we stopped in for the best Lobster Bisque I’ve ever had.  And the 1/2 lb Lobsta Roll was killer too.  This place was awesome and deserving of their high Interweb ratings.  All of this seafood had us craving more, so once we got back to Plymouth, we found a seafood market that seemed to be located at the end of the worldThe Lobster Pound.  It was downright perfect.  For $40, we bought a feast of clams, scallops and crab cakes.  Took it back to the RV, got my Chef skills going, finished watching the latest Fast & Furious movie, killed a nice bottle of Justin and listened to a musical symphony of a rain storm for the rest of the night.

Today we head to Littleton for a couple nights, just a few towns over from where we used to live.  Can’t wait to see the old digs.