Broken promises

I know I promised one last blog, once we got home and settled in, but the busy-ness of things, got the better of me.  I’ll have to work on that.  But for now, let’s just put a fork in this one.

The flights home were uneventful, with the exception of the best First Class Service we’ve had on any flight.  ANA did a fantastic job, we were treated like Royalty and I can honestly say that I wish the flight was longer.

We’re missing Rudy already and can’t wait for him to find some time to come home for a few weeks.  Maddie is back in NYC, knee deep in her dream job and the Doodles have been transformed into such great little ladies.  All without loosing that beautiful spirit they possess.  I was really worried about them losing their mischievous little ways.  That puppy wonder and cuteness.  But nope.  They still get into trouble.  Only now,  they’re much more well behaved when they do it.  That’s all I wanted.

No big plans on the books yet for 2018.  Just a couple little RV camping trips.  I’ll drop a note here and there, as feel inspired.  So check back for updates whenever the mood strikes you.  Until then, smile at a stranger.