That’s WY!

Know where your beef comes from and how it’s managed? Most people don’t. In fact, I’d venture to guess that most people don’t want to know. Well, you can either keep reading, watch the videos below, or both. Today was eye opening, exciting and downright cool. Good times, with good folks.

Our neighbors here in the RV park, are actually multi-generational residents of the area. Relatives within the Pape Family. They’re staying here while their new house is being remodeled and are educating us on the region, the people and the lifestyle. It’s downright Cowboy. This isn’t a town where you come for the fly fishing or snowboarding or rock climbing. But it is a place you go through, to get to those places. And as such, it hasn’t lost it’s origins. The towns of Pindale, Cora and Daniel are ranching towns. And proud of it.

Today we were invited to help the community branding party at the Pape Ranch, just a bit outside of town. Every Spring, they round up all the calfs to be branded, before turning them out in the mountains to graze until fall. There must have been about 1000 calfs, plus all the momma’s, herded into 4 different corrals. Every calf gets a brands, inoculation, an antibiotic and de-horned (if needed). With so many heads, the most effective way to do it, is throw a party. Ropers, Wranglers, Rustlers, Branders, Doctors and yes, Tourists (from California), all coming together to get the job done. And believe it or not, the whole herd was done before noon. The efficiency and speed with which they do this, was impressive. But what’s even more impressive, is that once you see the process, it’s super easy to repeat. Not saying the task is easy to perform, just easy not to forget.

Laura gave it a shot, twice. She’s a bad ass. I just wish the kids could have seen her doing this, when they where little. They’da thought twice about talking back to mom, if they knew she could throw-down, Cowgirl style.

After all the calfs were done and turned loose, everyone headed back to the Ranch House for a BBQ lunch. Our contribution, Laura’s grit and her favorite pasta salad. My contribution, staying out of the Cowboys way. The last thing they needed, was help from some “dude” from San Diego.

So we settled down with some kick-ass home cooking and a meet-n-greet with a couple dozen of our neighbors. Salt of the earth. All of them. And tough as nails too. These boys grow big out here and the more teeth they’re missing, the less you want to mess with them. I’m not saying they’re red-neck. I’m saying they fight with animals 10X bigger than themselves. So, careful what you do and say.

Well it’s Memorial Weekend and we’ve got a lot more to see and do. Please don’t forget to spend a moment, reflecting on our lost brothers and sisters, who helped to guarantee our freedoms and preserve the American Spirit. Cheers to them all 🍻.

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