We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Let me know when your comfortable.  Get yourself a coffee or cocktail (preferably the later).  Lose the distractions, the kids, the spouse….  Wait, sorry.  4 people told me they read and like these posts, and it’s gone to my head.  I’ll just keep to the meat and potatoes of it all. 😉

So last we spoke, we were coming back from Okinawa after spending some time with Rudy.  Well, Rudy is back from Oki, out of the Air Force (honorably) and spending some time back at home until his next venture.  He finished just over 2 years of service, gained a wealth of knowledge, his GI Bill, lots of other great benefits and the respect and thanks of his Country.  (Did I mention he’s living back at home again?) 😳

Maddie is still living in Brooklyn.  She doesn’t live at home. 😇

The dogs are awesome, but not without their issues.  Libby and Scratchy are now 16 years old.  With  that comes physical struggles, like standing and walking.  Libby is about 80% blind and Scratchy is about 80% deaf.  And they both like to poop in the house.  Not because they enjoy it, but because they just don’t even know it’s happening.  It literally just falls out.  We had a rough evening last Wednesday when Libby had a 2 minute seizure.  This scared the crap out of us, because we’re already “thinking” about the inevitable, but all of a sudden, we’re thinking “is it now?”

The great news is that her x-rays and blood work came back astonishingly awesome.  The Doc said she’s never seen a 16yo, this healthy (from a  medical standpoint).  So with that, we were able to put her on some anti-seizure meds.  Fingers crossed.

The Doodles still light up our life.  While we were away in Asia, we had sent them off to a training/boarding school.  No, they did not wear little uniforms.  (But how cute would that be?)  They did however,  learn some manners.  They’re still pups at heart, and we never want that to change, but they are much more responsive now, they walk great, obey fairly well, and just want to love, love, love on you.  They will always live at home. 😍

Now the reason we’ve been apart from each other for so long, is because of that dirty little 4 letter word.  W O R K.  Yup I said it.  Work.  And lots of it.  No complaints, it’s been a very (and I mean very) busy year.  But we’ve kept our heads down and hands busy.  No time for play when the work is this plentiful.

This trip we’re on now had been planned for a few months now but we’ve had to postpone it 3 times.  Finally we said, we need some time away.  As always, we’ll continue to work from the road.  But the change of scenery is going to do wonders for our souls.

Day 1 is in the books.  An 8 hour cruise to St. George, Utah.  We’ll crash here at the KOA for the night then head into Grand Junction, Colorado tomorrow and stay for the Labor Day Weekend.  We’re big fans of GJ and can’t wait to revisit one of our favorite little restaurants, Bin 707 and spend a couple days there.

You know what?  It just dawned on me that I haven’t told you where we’re going or what we’re doing.  Hmmm, maybe later 😂

Ta Ta for now.


OK, here’s a couple pix of Rudy, for those who haven’t seen him in a while.  One of my oldest friends, Andrew Lee, is the Proprietor of Paloma Barber Shop.  He also just happens to be one of the best damn Barbers EVER.  Look him up if you need your cabbage cleaned.