Who Knew?

If you know us, you know we’re suckers for Americana.  The little things you do and see, that are scattered throughout this Country, are just daily life to those that do it, but they’re little treats and treasures to us.  They’re like fresh water pearls.  Not perfect or extremely valuable, but beautiful in their own unique way.  We found one of those pearls last night at Black Barts Steakhouse, Saloon & Musical Revue.

We stayed the night at the Black Barts RV Park  and when we returned back from diner in downtown Flag, our Uber driver asked us if we’d been in the steakhouse.  Our belly’s already full of pizza and beer, we thought, why not a night cap?  Well an hour later, we finished our second dinner of the night and closed the joint.

This place is classic.  It’s an old, outdated music hall with tacky decor and rustic furniture.  It couldn’t be more kitsch.  But the swinging saloon doors, singing waiters/waitresses and downright delicious steaks make this one of the funnest steakhouses we’ve ever eaten at.

The moral to the story is, alway try new things, you never know when you’ll find yourself a pearl.