A Long Winter’s Nap

Laura has settled in nicely I see.  One of the perks of having your own business.  Points, points rewards and points consumption, have become an art that almost everyone in our family has learned to master.  Why pay for coach class, when everything you do everyday, can award you free first class?

Packing over the past few days was a non-event.  We had planned things out pretty well and had plenty of time to prepare.  It was nice to be able to use the kids bedrooms as our own personal staging areas.  I think Laura started lay-out sometime last week.  I start a couple days ago.  It’s a Venus/Mars thing.

The hardest part however, was saying goodby to the dogs.  They’re all in good hands, but I miss them more than the kids.  We sent the Doodles to Intelligent K9 Training, for a 3 week obedience/boarding camp.  The owner CJ, met with us, gave a demonstration and the most thorough and detailed presentation I’ve seen, for K9 training.  He’s a former Marine and it shows in every aspect of his operation.  I fully expect the girls to come back with high and tight cuts and marching in unison.  He’s also very smart with his social platforms.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube….  He broadcasts on them all and we’ll be seeing the online post of the girls real soon.  I’ll be sure to link it here for a good laugh.

The older girls are staying with a local family in Escondido that we found on rover.com.   They have two small kiddos (that LOVE the girls) and 3 mid-aged dogs.  For the past several weeks now, we’ve been taking them over for “play-dates”, so that our girls could get used to the surrounding, people and their dogs.  It would be the death of Liberty, if we just dropped her into the DMZ, without prior recon.  They’re a really great family and we feel very comfortable leaving the girls there.  We’re constantly getting pictures of the dogs napping together.  I’m at peace with it.

The ride up to LAX was a breeze.  We cheated and hired a black car.  That was the easiest 2hr drive ever.  The airport was very busy and the security line was a mile long.  But I’ve never seen anything like that run so smoothly.  I was really impressed with the new procedures and technology they use now.

A quick jaunt upstairs to the Sky Lounge for several cocktails, dinner and a celebrity sighting of Phil Keoghan (a good omen), and here we sit waiting to take off.  Ahh, the friendly skys (and my Zantac) await.