So, how’s your day?

Laura had a little issue the other day and thought it might be a good idea to visit the dentist, before the trip.  Seems something was bugging her teeth/gums.  No big deal, she only ended up having a tooth removed today, and new bridge built, a mess of other fixes identified, put on antibiotics AND (the worst of it all), she can’t drink for the next week.  WTF !?!?!

The Doc said her mouth could have exploded from the infection, during the airplane flight.  (Does that count as terrorism?)  I think we should tell ISIS that it does and give them all gum disease.  Payback bitches!!!  The day of reckoning is upon us.

Anyway, she’ll go back under the knife, for some new choppers when we return.  And while that all went down, I got spiffed-out from my boy The Barber Andrew, got some last minute shopping done in hell, and still managed to keep my stress level at a 15 (out of 100).  It’s good to be me 😎.

I’ll have the crunchy taco plate and 2 margaritas please.  My wife will have the bowl of chicken broth and a glass of warm water.

Check Please!