Geez, that went fast.

The blog is back, the travel plans are well laid, and the clock is running.  The Griswold’s take Asia, is about to go down.

We don’t actually leave until Friday afternoon, but I’ll take the next few days to sharpen my writing skills and kick the dust off the keyboard.  Incidentally, I found out that more than 3 people actually read the last trip blog, so I’m super stoked that we may hit (dare I say) 4 or 5 readers this time??  But I really do appreciate the feedback I received and am glad that you found my writing fun and entertaining.

So the plan is as follows: LAXICNPVGHKGOKANRT-LAX    (got it?)

Ultimately, we’ll get to see Rudy for a week in Okinawa.  But until then, Maddie is flying in from NYC and we’ll spend the holidays together eating, drinking and being Merry Americans.  It’s what we do.

For now however, so much to do and so little time to do it.  TTFN