Howdy Stranger

Well that was a long 2 1/2 year break. Went kinda fast though, right? Nothing important happened in the world while I was gone did it? Everyone OK? Healthy? Still reading these? 😂

Not to dwell too much on the past year 🦠, but I gotta bring you up to speed on the whole “Hey, let’s move to Wyoming” thing, I touched on in my last post. The bottom line… we’re closer now, than we were then (spoiler alert!).

As you can probably see here, I’ve linked a new Instagram Page to this site. One dedicated strictly to the building of the new WY property. It’s call BondoBarnBuild and basically means we’re building a Barndominium in Bondurant. What is a Barndominium you ask? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

We’ve made quite a bit of progress recently, so expect lost of new pictures and a continuous stream of updates and stories. In the interest of keeping the reader (lol, as-if) engaged, I’ll “try” to keep my posts to quick-reads. I feel like less is more. Until I add more, while keeping them less.

Ready to get on with the show? Yeah, me too.

Y’all come back now.