It’s Go-Time!

Just a quick little update here. Our Builder (Reggie) sent us a couple pictures. They have mobilized on the site and the first lumber delivery has been dropped off. Shit just got real.

Not sure if you heard, but Reggie is our 3rd attempt at finding a builder. The region (mostly Teton County) is packed with new home building. There is literally a 2-year wait list to get you house built. Our good fortune came when Reggie bought the lot next to us. He’s also building a primary residence (eventually), but starting with his Barndominium this summer as well. So we’re both sharing lumber orders and labor teams. In the end we might save a nickel or two, but more importantly, it’s getting done.

On another note, we started to load-in the RV yesterday. Our plan is to live in Pinedale, WY until the Barndo is ready. Pinedale is about 35 minutes South of our place, with a brand new RV park and a beautiful golf course. Just like always, we’ll live and work out of the RV, while helping with the build. You have no idea how much stuff we’ve been collecting, that we need to take with us. TV’s, bedroom furniture, chairs, tables, etc. The San Diego house has been packed with furnishings for over a year now, just waiting to be taken to Wyoming. But all that nonsense will be saved for another post…