Made it to Pinedale. Great road trip. From a strictly safe and efficient perspective. That’s how I judge road trips now. If we made it safe, with no mechanical issues, then that’s a win. LOL, 30 yrs ago the metrics were a little different. If we arrived AND we didn’t kill anybody in the process, that was a win. 🤦🏻‍♂️

There was a tiny bit of drama however. I realized, about 4 hrs into the drive on Saturday, that I had “lost” my wallet. We found it eventually. Well actually, Rudy found it behind some pillows, back in the house. No big, Brad & Cece dropped it in the FedEx today. So until it arrives, Laura’s paying for everything 🤣.

The campground here is brand new and it’s super clean and well laid-out. In a few years when the saplings mature, it will really be gorgeous. Did I mention it’s across the street from the golf course? Well, it’s so close, I already found a brand new Top Flight ball on the grass near the front door. Winning!

It’s rainy thundery funkiness outside tonight. We’re kinda diggin it.

Anyway, I’m gonna grab another cocktail and turn up the Yacht Rock Radio. Til then…